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Matteo Marin

Assistant Director of Sales

It was a chance turn in a bookshop in the Netherlands, where Matteo came across the novel “The Grand Babylon Hotel” that first sparked his interest in hospitality. On his return to Venice after completing his studies in business management, Matteo began his career in sales for a Venetian palace. 

Though fortunately, many of the book’s most dramatic twists are fiction, Matteo’s comprehensive professional experience and professional network have equipped him for the most complex elements of the industry.

While working across the industry, from luxury hotel sales and travel trade shows to running his own successful travel and events agency, Matteo has never lost his love for personal travel. His favourite experiences so far have included enjoying the “dolce far niente” on the Amalfi Coast and indulging all his senses in the streets of Fez.

Matteo joins the London team of flospitality as Assistant Director of Sales.


Matteo Marin