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Josefine Schultz-Zehden

Josefine Schultz-Zehden was born in Berlin and is at home in the big city. After completing her Bachelor's degree in Business Communication, she went on to complete a Master's degree in Language and Communication. During her studies, she gained professional experience in the fields of journalism, corporate communications and PR - including at a PR agency specializing in the hotel industry. After graduating, she initially worked as a Junior Communications Manager at a PR agency in the digital economy before moving to an international art book publisher (focus on architecture, design, F&B, travel) to work there as PR Manager.

She joined the communications team at flospitality in 2024 as Communications Manager.

She has always been fascinated by discovering new places and cultures. After spending time abroad in London and Barcelona, her curiosity for travel has only grown. In her free time, she enjoys swinging a paintbrush or a tennis racket.


Josefine Schultz-Zehden