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Sophie von Moy

Senior PR Manager

Born in Salzburg, Austria, with German and Belgian roots, she was born to travel and went abroad right after graduating from high school. She spent a few months in Ireland and then a year in Madrid before settling in Vienna to study.

In 2007, Sophie came to Munich, where she worked for a renowned PR agency in the tourism and hospitality sector and was responsible for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, among others. After almost seven years, the journey continued to an internationally operating marketing and PR agency with a focus on destinations and Sophie was responsible for the clients Nevada and Las Vegas. For the last four years, she worked on the PR side for clients from the F&B sector and the technology industry before returning to the tourism industry.

In mid-2022, Sophie moved to flospitality, where she joins the communications team.


Sophie von Moy
+49 160 95 36 75 68